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About AB

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The same Audio Blood you’ve always known;

grown up

Six years on, AB Co. emerges as a fresh but familiar force. A North American marketing agency with a keen eye for leading creative and strategic music and lifestyle programs, activations and events. Our unique approach melds our true music industry backgrounds with genuine brand stories leading to powerful moments.

Our work
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Why We Do What We Do

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At AB out ultimate goal and unifying thread in the work that we do is to create culturally-relevant and meaningful moments. Our work pushes boundaries and connects great brands, products, and platforms with loyal consumers in wholly unique and exciting ways. Our authentic and genuine approach to marketing and communications ties everything together and ensures a lasting impact.

Our family of clients, team, and community mean the world to us. We live and work by 4 core promises that keep us focused.

  1. Deliver our clients an unparalleled level of service. Leverage our connections and industry knowledge to fully achieve our clients vision.
  2. Challenge the market and become a conduit for truly powerful music, art, and marketing moments. Build active, engaged, and long-lasting communities.
  3. Inspire a progressive work culture that encourages new ideas and communication, and helps one another to grow and succeed.
  4. Become a vital and upstanding member of the community – always looking for opportunities to give back, make a difference, and give a voice to important issues.

How We Do It

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Divided into 3 streams, our teams work together to achieve cohesive strategic plans that cut through the noise and build long-lasting connections with consumers.

AB Co.'s digital team is composed of creative content strategists armed with deep insight into fan interaction and an expansive network. AB specializes in carving out a unique story for brands online, developing and implementing a cohesive social voice that genuinely connects with audiences, and creating strong and dynamic content that starts a conversation. We unite communities, keep fans engaged, and create calls to action that lead to loyal brand champions. Our in-house creative team creates video, photo, and design work to bring our clients’ platforms to life in one cohesive package. Whether it’s a B2B or D2C focus, AB’s aggressive approach to digital marketing generates new opportunities that impacts engagement, revenue and generates awareness.
Our team of young and inspired tastemakers have, a strong foothold in communicating directly with influencer communities ranging from 19 to 35 year olds. With huge success in launching large-scale live activations, intimate events, and national street level campaigns - AB has the production background and know-how to develop, plan, and execute flawless events and builds that are unforgettable. AB's street teams and lifestyle partnership network of 200 indie shops gives us endless opportunities to integrate brands, events, or artists into the fabric of local communities across North America in a way that actually sticks.
Brand positioning, messaging, and generating media coverage to promote clients’s message is a key part of development. AB's communications team bring years of public relations experience and expertise to the forefront of every campaign. AB’s long standing relationships with key journalists and tastemakers gives clients access to curate unique stories that showcase your project in a memorable light. As the media landscape changes AB continues to evolve as a multi-disciplinary and groundbreaking communications force.

Our Work

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News from the AB fam

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AB Co. To Wind Down Operations
A letter from Sari regarding the future of AB Co.... - Dear friends and family, I have some big changes to announce today. I have made the VERY hard decision to wind down operations of my company, AB Co. (Audio... (read more)
It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we announce the untimely passing of our dear friend King Reign (Kunle Thomas). After suffering a heart attack last week, he fell into a coma and passed away June 28th, 2016.... (read more)
Canadian Music Week is pleased to announce the 35th instalment will take place April 18-22, 2017. Recognized as one of the premier entertainment events in North America focusing on the business of music, the Canadian Music Week festival spans 4 nights of... (read more)
Toronto-based singer-songwriter Chloe K Jones has released a new single “Oxygen Part II” on digital singles label The Confidence Emperors. Jones collaborated with Halifax producer DK, as well as Andrew Cameron and Toronto’s Galen Hogg (of Tiny Danza) for the... (read more)

Meet The Team

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Sari Delmar

Founder & CEO

Jonathan Pappo

Managing Director

Geoff Stairs

Creative Director

ab is the proud agency of choice to:

what can ab do for you?

AB for Brands
AB’s ties to the music and arts community are unparalleled. If you’re looking to speak to a young and culturally engaged community aged 18 to 35 in an honest and thought-provoking way, AB’s work will provide you the vehicle to do so. AB’s brand services include:
  • communications, digital, and lifestyle strategy and program conception
  • event and activation builds and management, festival integration
  • seeding, celebrity/tastemaker placement, and strategic partnership management
  • startup deployment strategies and packages
  • national communications campaigns
  • national street level promotions
  • social media and community management
  • content creation and production (photo, video, design, copy)
AB for Startups
AB is here to help build your brand from the ground up. Using our extensive network of tastemakers and digital leaders, our goal is to help your business grow in the North American marketplace. AB’s start-up services include:
  • deployment and launch strategy
  • brand creation and management
  • social media and content management
  • newsletter development and list maintenance
  • communications launch strategy, including national PR
  • events and activations with a focus on community building
  • customer relationship management
  • tastemaker endorsements and brand partnerships
AB for Events
AB’s team has worked some of the world’s biggest festivals. Our production expertise and intense focus leaves no event too big and no fan too small. AB’s event services include:
  • social media and community management
  • content creation and management
  • communications, digital, and lifestyle strategy and program conception
  • pop up street level events and promotions
  • launch and announce strategies
  • national communications campaigns
  • on-site media management
  • strategic partnership and endorsement programs
  • national street level promotions
AB for Artists
AB has the experience, connections, and work ethic to raise your profile. Whether you’re starting out and in need of some great tools and direction or you’re an established act releasing new music and touring, AB’s team would love to help you grow. Now, you should know, if the team doesn’t love it we won’t touch it. We only work projects we are seriously excited about! We love our artists and working closely with them to reach new milestones in their career. AB’s artist services include:
  • brand strategy
  • national publicity campaigns
  • national speciality and campus radio campaigns
  • social and digital media consulting, fan engagement
  • website, digital tools, and content creation
  • street level marketing
  • lifestyle music servicing in indie shop network of 200+ across North America brand partnerships and alignment

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AB Co. has now closed down. For more information: http://weareab.co/2016/07/to-make-an-end-is-to-make-a-beginning/

Email Sari@WeAreAB.co if you have any final inquiries. Thank you for the support over the years!